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15 responses to “About

  1. tim

    you’re beautiful.

  2. Anonymous

    yeah, She is beautiful.

  3. Kenoma

    When I hear Nick Cave’s “Black Hair” for some reason you come to mind.

    “…..today she took a train to the west…..”

  4. heather joy

    i love that song!

  5. You have some amazing photo skills. I am impressed with your work.

  6. Hi, My name is Brian I’m a film maker in NYC. I found your pictures of suicidegirls.com and I think you would be great for a role in a horror film I’m directing. The film is titled “Eva of the Succubi” and I’ll be collaborating with award winning horror film writer/director Dennison Ramalho. If you are interested in learning more about the role please email me (blove1170@gmail.com) or call me (404-323-2395). PS. We will pay.


  7. Anonymous

    Nick Cave is good. I love listening to him when I ride. So I was looking at some pics I googled for inspiration and that’s how I stumpeld over your side. I’m rebuilding a 1982 (also a big year in nick caves life) Harley Davidson Shovelhead. I’m doing that out of VAX Moto in Brooklyn by the gowanus canal. I live in BK as well, moved here 7 years ago from Vienna, Austria. I was looking for someone with an eye for the pics you shoot to capture that project in the making for a day or two before o take off too mexico on April 8th.
    If you interested shoot me an email to AlexanderVater@gmail.com with your hourly rate or if you charge per picture.

  8. You are an amazing writer.

  9. Anonymous

    <3 <3 RIP

  10. Anonymous

    I still can’t believe Heather’s gone… She meant more to this world than she’ll ever know. So kind, so talented. I keep thinking that someone should gather pieces from her unseen art / writing and share it somehow? She was clearly incredibly gifted, it seems unfair to let that go. She always did want to write a book one day and share herself and her story with the world… Idk, it’s all too hard to comprehend. Strength be with her loved ones. R.I.P Heather <3 We miss you, always.

  11. Anonymous


  12. Anonymous

    in our hearts always

  13. Amy

    Ten months.. still so unreal.. It’s hard being across the seas. Never got to say goodbye and you had the sweetest heart that gave so much. Thank you for what you helped me through. Miss you :(

  14. it still hasnt registered to me that your gone.. you were the most kindest easygoing gal with a heart of gold.. missing you dearly HJ..

  15. today official marks 1 yr since you left & its still so unreal, like some cruel joke being played & i still havent accepted the fact that your gone.. hj you are missed quite dearly love..

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