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New York:He say…

New York:
He says
 I’m sitting on the street. I thought of you. You remind me of New York.

Los Angeles:
Vomiting in a bath tub
My hand  being held

I’m coming over I say to him
Everyone knows something is wrong Heather

Sweaty on a bed, eyes glassed, blood we both ignore
Disappear into the bathroom
I’m clean he says
Lying is the only thing we have in common

New York again, this time it’s him
Stay with me, I’m sober now

Terminal 4
Sitting on a bag
There’s an A train involved
I refer to him as Long Island when he answers the phone

Why don’t you have a suitcase he says pulling on a black T Shirt
Because there’s nothing else that I need here

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April 5, 2012 · 2:07 pm