i was on the run. god ever really knows what im running from, or what it is im hurtling myself toward. i think this time, it was ******. one of the few things that compels me so, that pushes me forward and burns in my blood, and hinges me on disaster…

and i opened a sliding door, to slip unnoticed through a building… it took me stepping into the room to realize i was in your house. slid open a door that doesnt exist without using a key i never gave back… and i slipped through the room like a ghost, and floated downstairs to the front door… deep breath, opened to step onto the walkway…

and there you stood. stunned, i think, to see me there, dapper in a suit and tie with a corsage in your hand like you were on your way to a school dance. and i knew you were on your way to see her, and it crossed my mind that i would probably find myself in your conversation, that crazy girl in your house, on your step…

id been hoping not to see you, and especially not here.

slip by without a word, and move forward, slipping through trees and yards, crunching over snow…

and then there are two of you, both beckoning me to follow, but splitting off in different directions… and i dont know who to follow, so i follow no one…

and throughout the dream, there is one person suspiciously absent… no surprise here, though. if i told you maybe youd be pissed.

or, definitely youd be pissed. that sounds more like you.

and i wake up, brooding, thinking of all three of you and wondering why you haunted my sleep… restless sleep…

and i cannot shake it, so i do the one thing i know how… and the last thing i remember is two thirty, and the next thing i know is waking up two days later, a letter from the officer who took me in in my pocket, my keys missing, my car tossed…

and im in a shitload of trouble now.

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  1. Gregg (AcidEvangelist

    …and less than 2 weeks later she was gone. I never met a more beautiful soul………and I never will. I think about her every day. A few months before she left us she gave me a polaroid of herself. On the side it reads: “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYY! I love you – Erika”. It is one of my most valued possessions. I will carry that beautiful woman in my heart until the day I die. I miss here more than I can say…

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