he has me thinking about trains that take me through men’s bedrooms and bar bathrooms, uncomfortably stopping and starting, coming and going, waiting and i walk down unending tracks, crossing and uncrossing, lefts and rights, on, off, above, standing still, and back where i started from on a platform in new jersey with one bag and a plastic cup thinking i know how much better it is to smell a man than to taste one.


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  1. Anonymous

    So talented it’s insane

  2. When are you going to write a book? I’d totally buy it.


  3. Anonymous

    When people stop hating you that’s when your boring. Have some gratitude. Most jobs are tedious yet we need to survive, that’s when we go to the internet and vent instead of kicking our cat. Your smart. Whining is lame.

  4. Anonymous

    If you’re unhappy, change your life.

  5. Anonymous

    The comments on this make me cringe. People are so dense. Your writing is incredible, seriously.

  6. Anonymous

    Also: the illusion of train stops and sex is brilliant.

  7. Did you axe your Formspring?

  8. Anonymous

    I love the way you write. It makes me tear up sometimes.

    Thanks Lady.

  9. Alex


    I just visited Lucia Holm’s website thanks to your link and I got totally stuck by her self portraits. I saw you for the first time with SG stuffs (t’was quite a revelation for me ! haha) and I thought that this kind of photography would really fits you. I mean it’s creative, thoughtful, sometimes naive but it reveals the charm of the context, always hidden behind human appearances and unsaid (or unshown in this case). Well, I like your pics, especially because of you, and I was thinking of you in some of Lucia’s pics… I don’t know if you’re still in photography but it would be nice to see you with this kind of approche.
    Just an idea passing through my head !

    Greetings from my old continent. Bye !

  10. Tatertot

    May the summer be treating you well Heather!

  11. anon

    figured i’d give you a good laugh
    (beware amor boobs)

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