step off the train at Kings Highway with the inadequacy that manifests every day

on the corner of Bay 8th

a day and a half late.


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  1. Anonymous

    Bensonhoist represent

  2. Anonymous

    Can you explain this one? just curious

  3. Chacha

    Three lines and so much going on in them. I think the best writers are the ones that can say the most in the fewest amount of words. You certainly have that gift.

  4. heather joy

    “Can you explain this one? just curious”

    Kings Highway is a main street that runs through south brookyln, Bay 8th is a street in my old neighborhood. i knew a girl who lived on that street who seemed to hate herself so much. anyway, i guess this is a mix of a few things on my mind today: brooklyn, the 90s, an ex boyfriend who always made me feel like i wasn’t good enough, the D train subway, and i suppose figuring things out too late.

  5. What kind of idiot would make you feel you weren’t good enough. It’s him that wasn’t good enough.

  6. Anonymous

    The kind of idiot who actually gets laid treats girls like shit. Nice guys finish last, when it comes to mentally ill girls. It might be why you never get any pussy Eric.

  7. heather joy

    play nice please. this isn’t really the place to take anonymous cheap shots at people. thanks!

  8. t

    “a day and a half late”
    its pretty much the story of my life.
    kudos heather<3

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