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  1. T

    She was such a bundle of joy and will be missed.
    I loved her in Uptown Girls

    Plus, your shoes are so damn cute!
    Beautiful picture as always<3

  2. heather joy

    thanks! everyone always calls them my ugly old man shoes.

  3. Isa

    yeah I loved Dead Girl. But my favourite role of her was the sexually abused girl in “Girl Interrupted”. It was such a small role,but she played so powerfull.

    I love you with black hair, you look so mysterious. Reminds me of that woman that played in “Black Dahlia!”

  4. Merry Christmas, Heather. xoxo

  5. Thanks for the follow!

    This is a very nice photo. Understated, with those shoes as the subtle main attraction.

  6. those are some fantastic shoes miss.

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