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12 responses to “

  1. Anonymous

    gah that face is to die for

  2. heather joy

    thanks :)

  3. Anonymous

    What a fucking face!

  4. Mike D

    So hot and classy

  5. Anonymous


  6. ms

    i don’t get it? Boobs? Eyeliner? fake lashes? Maybe it’s because i am a female. Oh well, just wanted to share my lack of favor on this particular aesthetic. I am done now. Proceed with the witty comebacks attacks, or whatever you would like. i was bored, you would have to be, eh.

  7. heather joy

    those are my real lashes. i wouldn’t attack someone for not liking a photo, that’s silly!

  8. Lydie

    tu es toujours magnifique

  9. I really love the contrast in these. Such a beauty.

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