chloe suicide

dirty show los angeles

heather joy

heather joy


heather joy




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  1. Having fun, I see? ;)
    I recognized Chloe immediately, but who is the cute brunette?

  2. I’d recognize Chloe’s ass anywhere.

  3. heather joy

    it’s a fine ass indeed

  4. Jimmy

    You’re absolutely beautiful when you smile.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Heather. :)

  6. dot/heather, did you jump ship on SG?

  7. heather joy

    yea i’m done there fo real

  8. alas, you were one of my favorite favorites. at least you’re still doing this blog though.

    sg is only valuable for the words the women write really… i’ve found the most entertainment in the sg’s blogs.

    anyways, i hope you’re life is better for it!

  9. p.s. chloe’s ass is amazing

  10. heather joy

    aw thanks, yeah it was just time to go. although i’ll probably not archive my profile just so i can keep the referral traffic to this blog ;)

  11. good idea. thats the only reason i was able to find this blog in the first place!

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