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  1. the jesus candle is a nice touch, ma’am. *subscribes*

  2. Anonymous

    That blond hair was an amazing idea

  3. Anonymous

    Kelly Bundy Yes!

  4. Jack

    those two are great…and love the philsophy of Warhol.

  5. volatilestructure

    omg i love this! we should pick up the 90s series again now that we’re both blonde when im back in la.

    but yea, this makes me miss you more. beautiful.

  6. heather joy

    yes 90s heroin chic waifs (except now im too fat to do the waif thing). haha

  7. well, maybe you should start doing heroin again

  8. heather joy

    gross yucky. i’ve never even smoked pot in my life!

  9. same here. i do drink on occasion tho.

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