Heather Joy

Heather Joy

Heather Joy



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  1. Gorgeous pics. You look good blonde.
    You redid the site, I see. Is it finished or are you still working on some things?
    There seems to be a tiny smiley in the upper right corner. lol


  2. You look so great as a blonde! And those suspenders are snaptastic.

  3. heather joy

    thanks! i can’t figure out how to get rid of the smiley haha,

    Tess your avatar thing is so cute!

  4. Thanks! Its a self-portrait… haha

  5. heather joy

    so adorable!

  6. That is a cute avatar. :)

  7. Anonymous

    like AA but more beautiful

  8. so amazing … you are really an incredibly beautiful & faszinating girl, be it blonde or dark …

  9. heather joy

    thank you thats so sweet <3

  10. Anonymous

    you need to go back to black hair, you look so trashy as a blonde. maybe it’s just the pictures. all i’m seeing is white trash barbie princess ’85

  11. Anonymous… what’s wrong with barbie princess? Or the 80’s for that matter? You clearly have no sense of aesthetic freedom. Go back to your mouse-haired lair and stay there.

  12. heather joy

    that’s actually the exact look i was going for. score!

  13. I wonder if “Anonymous” is our old unfriend “Laura”…. haha

  14. Anonymous

    Are people that dumb to not grasp the concept of a photoshoot? I think some people look at your work and think that they way you are styled is indicative of how you dress or do your makeup and hair in real life. I love the LA circa mid 80s meets modern day sleaze you did in this shoot. It’s spot on. It’s kind of a shame that your beauty overshadows your talents sometimes and brings out the haters. You don’t really get the credit you deserve.

  15. downinit

    I predict you to be very famous one day soon

  16. Pretty! I just went blond too; I like.

  17. heather joy

    yay! it’s so much isn’t it? :P

  18. Lydie

    trop trop belle!

  19. rath & some

    this set rules

  20. s-

    lady, you are stunning.

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