heather joy

heather joy


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  1. Taz666

    So beautiful……….

  2. JC

    First two, you look like you’re trying.
    Last one, I like the best because it doesn’t look like you’re trying as hard.
    Try harder not to try so hard. ;)

  3. Lovely pics, though I’ve seen them before.
    I was starting to wonder if you’d forgotten about this blog, but I figured you were just too busy, or didn’t think you had much to say.

  4. Anonymous

    all three of them: amazing. you don’t try, you are.

  5. heather joy

    they’re all candid lolz

  6. You’re featured on my blog today :)

    …beautiful pictures!!!

  7. Danny Ho

    Hi Heather,

    My name is Danny Ho and I am doing my own line of woman’s footwear. I noticed you on Model Mayhem and have been trying to get in contact with you to see if you may be interested in doing some modeling for my footwear collection. Please give me a call at 310-895-5326 and I can give you more detail or email me at dho888@gmail.com. You also are a size 6 for footwear right which is sample size. Give me a call or email if you are interested. Thanks!

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