heather joy


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  1. When will you be in NY? I’m going in August!

  2. heather joy

    next wednesday!

  3. Anonymous

    right on girl

  4. Clara

    Wise words. Beautiful lady.

  5. blank

    I like your Dita shirt

  6. heather joy

    thanks! xo

  7. Quite true. Some people (guys too) will do almost anything for approval.
    Love the pictures, and the streaks of color in your hair.

  8. Anonymous

    you look so beautifulll

  9. Karen

    Pretty Lay-day!

  10. Anonymous

    I love this new lay out!

  11. Gorgeous sp’s. The blue in your hair is cute.

  12. Lydie

    more more more !

  13. Taz666

    How fucking hot are you…….smokin’

  14. Taz666

    No really,,,,do you know how hot you are????????

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