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15 responses to “

  1. You’re looking great.
    What are you doing for PETA?
    And from email alerts I got yesterday, it sounds like your stalker (or one of them) is back.


  2. Cris

    i love your fucking face. it’s so unique.

  3. Anon

    I love your outfit! Where/s that vest from??

  4. LacieK

    HAHA OMG that vid is awesome

  5. Anonymous

    where do u get ur rings from? they are so cool

  6. sirensrising

    the vest is from h&m. rings, mostly ebay sometimes forever 21

  7. Anonymous

    pretty girl

  8. I love your studded vest.

  9. sirensrising

    thanks baby!

  10. Anonymous

    pretty lady

  11. katie

    Love your jewelry!

  12. Love that vest. NEED that vest.

  13. Cedar

    only YOU would look good in that vest.

  14. Anonymous

    I love your style

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