spider bites

heather joy

club suicide


my neck is covered in spider bites ew!


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11 responses to “spider bites

  1. Club Suicide looks like fun. Where were you that you got bitten by spiders?

  2. Anonymous

    I saw you at the mall today but I was too shy to say hi *blush*

  3. Anonymous


  4. jackie-o


  5. Anonymous

    You’re my idol SOOO pretty I love you!!

  6. Are you going to dress up for Comic COn? You should!

  7. Anonymous

    W@hat happened with ur fiance?

  8. sirensrising

    There were spiders in my bed eww!

  9. Anonymous

    what kind of hair extensions do u use

  10. Stupid comment by blind person on SG Myspace: “her ass is too bony”.
    *rolling eyes*
    Hope you’re having a good weekend, Heather.

  11. sirensrising

    hair extensions are: 1 pack of Bohyme 18inch attached with fusion glue :)

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