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  1. Anonymous

    You are so strong, beautiful, and intelligent. You don’t know who I am but you constantly inspire me.

  2. J

    I have that bra in pink!

  3. Laura

    Heather is intersting because she resembles a horse. A horse that drinks a lot.

  4. Eric

    I don’t see anything remotely equine about Heather. So stop being so feline. Don’t you have anything better to do?

  5. Those people leaving negative comments are quite tasteless…

  6. laura

    I don’t know Eric? I hope when i’m your age i have better things to do than metephorically lick trashy young girls taints. How many drunks you know have high self worth? hmmm?

  7. sirensrising

    Dear “Laura”,
    I’m flattered by your fascination by me and clearly we share self loathing in common. I express my self loathing with cocktails and you, by leaving anonymous insults on the internet to strangers. I hope your time here at factory girls has been fulfilling and you have gotten some sort of gratification from comparing me to farm animals and talking about my men licking my asshole. It’s been fun, but your attention whoring got boring last week. Adding your IP to the block now. Maybe if you’re still not satisfied you can borrow some else’s computer and write me something really snazzy back!
    your little pony heather

  8. laura

    A wise man said measure what is sad about you by inches not by by words. the worst horsies dish it out but cannot take it. go figure. i wish you nothing but hay dear.

  9. sirensrising

    oh let me guess you’re a hopeful and i didn’t give you a glowing review. boohoo nay nay nay. excuse me while i eat some grass.

  10. i enjoy look at you naked on suicide girls.com

    white power.

  11. JCinVegas

    Yoke shouldn’t that be HORSE power in this case?

    Apparently Laura is upset since you upstaged her uncle Mr Ed! What were you thinking D? ; ]

  12. laura

    Oh joyness, if i wasn’t a fan or fascinated by you i would not be here. I must correct you on the hopeful comment as that moniker has zero conjuntion to myself. The word hopeful doesn’t exist in terms of me. cheers. i love mean girls.
    ps to yoke, did you mean white powder. winner.

  13. laura

    dear jcinvegas, with a name like that i expect nothing less than complete retardation and inarticulation. Well done moron. I have no clue to what your point was. If the you think by upstaging me is making blatant racist comments then crawl back inside the putrid vagina from which you came. Other than that i think horses are beautiful creatures.

  14. JCinVegas

    Ah Miss Laura find happiness where ever you are seeking refuge. You truly are just a bitter bag of bones. I hope alliteration is enough to justify any intellect you think I so desperately lack!

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