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  1. Guest

    Oh Heather such a scandalous life you lead!

  2. At least you’re having a great time. From the looks of the bruise, maybe too great…

  3. I feel a bit the same, bruises all over me but not real ones, just from the smack in your face that you get when crossing timezones and after terrible flights, and waking up at unusual times with no desire to sleep even though there is only snow and darkness around you and the bed has no smell and no desire to keep you, even though the world is still asleep outside.


    Do you ever take pictures with your hair not covering your eye, and the same facial expression all the time?

  5. sirensrising

    alex you are such a beautiful writer! i always love reading your posts.

  6. nyla

    naughty girl!

  7. i think this is one of my favorite pictures of you…

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