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  1. The two of you really are gorgeous. :)

  2. JCinVegas

    I think Mika should do an oil painting of one of these pictures. All of them are stunning; you girls definitely how to speak to the camera & the observer without saying a word!

  3. I should do this with one of my guy friends.

  4. volatilestructure

    hey i got an account…
    im going to write about your photography soon. ^_^

  5. volatilestructure

    oh btw its mika

  6. you two look amazing. those pictures have an incredible realistic but still artistic feel about them. it’s a great mix of both – well, I am rambling on, trying to find the right words, but they fail me. just take this as a compliment for you girls and the photographer.

  7. sirensrising

    i am the photographer ma!

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