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  1. WOW you look so different, but I actually think you look a bit older here? Love the short hair on you though.

  2. Beautiful as always… !

  3. JCinVegas

    Wow this is substantive. Thanks 4 sharing. Maybe your significant other & you should invest in some sort of weapon for you to use for self defense in the future. I am not a huge advocate of guns. I was thinking of something more exotic like throwing knives or stars……

    I think the haircut makes you look older in this pict but your face definitely puts you a few years back.

  4. Anon

    ljbook.com is a great way of saving your livejournal to a PDF if you want to go delete it but want a backup.

  5. I thought that story about the hospital sounded familiar. But it scared me for a moment… :D
    Do you reply here as “sirensrising”?


  6. Wow you look so pretty in that picture! I agree, you look good with short hair!

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